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Terms used in the site

To ensure that our information is presented to you in a clear and understandable way we have listed below some of the terms used on this site, or in our documentation, which may be relevant to your plan.

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Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s)

Contributions you may choose to make to the plan over and above any regular mandatory employee contributions.

Bonus sacrifice

Some plans permit the investment of a bonus into the retirement plan. As part of any annual pay review you will be advised of any bonus sacrifice arrangements if applicable.

Country of residence

The country that you are legally resident in during your participation in the retirement plan.

Defined contribution plan

A plan where the retirement benefits are determined by the amounts contributed over the term of the plan and the associated fund performance rather than being based upon a percentage of the participant’s final salary.


A person, other than your spouse or civil partner, who in the opinion of the Trustees is financially dependent on you.

Dependant children

Your children under the age of 18 (or 21 if in full-time education). Older children may at the discretion of the Trustee qualify for benefits as specified in your plan rules.

Investment summary

A separate summary outlining the available investment options in your plan.


A person who has met the eligibility requirements of a plan as stated in the relevant plan rules.


iPlan Retirement Solutions Limited.

Normal retirement age

The normal retirement age for members of a plan as defined in the relevant plan rules for both male and female participants.


Has the same meaning as member.


Any individual with whom you are in a long term and committed relationship.

Plan rules

The rules which are adhered to the Trust Deed by which the Trustee will operate the plan and which the member and employer (if applicable) must comply with.


A period of service an employee has served in the employment of the Employer.


Your husband or wife.

Trust deed

The legal agreement governing the structure and operation of the plan.


The legally responsible party appointed to manage the retirement plan on behalf of its members.

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