Our international plans are fully regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority

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International Pensions

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An off-the-shelf multi-employer plan designed to provide smaller populations with access to the international retirement plan market.


Our international plans are fully regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and are governed by the Isle of Man’s unique international pension regulations.

These regulations offer our international clients a high degree of flexibility when designing a plan for their TCN, and in some cases, local populations. Clients can utilise this flexibility to replicate, or differentiate, the features of their home plans in their international plan.

Some highlights are:

  • No prescribed limits on the level of contributions
  • Up to six separate contribution types can be determined by the client
  • Benefits can be taken upon leaving service or at retirement
  • Benefit options include 100% cash lump sum, flexible drawdown payments or an annuity option
  • All benefits are exempt from tax in the Isle of Man
  • Option to include in-service or hardship withdrawals
  • Open architecture investment fund options from all the leading fund managers
  • Ability to allow member unlimited switching of investments
  • Interactive member web portal supporting full employer administrator access
  • Ability to determine vesting rules for entitlement to employer contributions
  • Plans are written in Trust with fully segregated member accounting

We offer a professional, competitive service and manage the plans of many international organisations from a variety of business sectors including, major banks, oil and gas exploration, financial services, hotel and leisure and also from the global NGO sector.

If you would like to find out more about our bespoke plans, please contact us, fill out our enquiry form or call on +44 (0)1624 697240



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