Estimate the potential value of your account at Retirement, using the Calculator below

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Your retirement savings account grows over time based on how much you save each month, the rate of return on the underlying investments, and how long you save. This calculator is designed to illustrate how your savings would grow taking in to account the effects of  compounding. The returns shown in this calculator are compounded monthly.

The compounding effect

Inflation reduces the purchasing power of your money and can affect savings goals. Compounding takes full advantage of the relationship between time and the earnings on savings.

When you reinvest earnings (the interest, dividends, and capital gains on your investment), these earnings should appreciate in value along with the original amount invested – therefore your total savings should grow faster over time.

Investments allowed to compound over time can increase in value very quickly. Automatic reinvestment of stock dividends, bond interest or mutual fund earnings is a great way to quickly build a sizeable nest egg for your future retirement.

The calculator below shows you how much a retirement account could be worth at various points in the future, based on the inputs you have selected. It assumes that both the level of Monthly Savings and the estimated Rate of Return remain constant over the period selected. Adjust any of the variables entered to see the effects of small changes over the period selected.

Getting Started

  • Enter your Starting Amount, this could be either the initial lump sum contribution that you plan to make or the current balance of your account. If neither applies, then set this to zero.
  • Next, enter your monthly salary and select the percentage of salary contributions using the employer & employee sliders.
  • Select the Rate of Return you wish to evaluate; the calculator uses the compounding method to assess the effect of this rate to your savings account
  • Finally, use the Years to Save slider to see the potential account value you could have at the end of the period you have selected.

Retirement Savings Calculator:




Total Returns


Total Amount Saved


While we hope you find this retirement calculator useful, it is only intended to serve as an example of what might be achieved with regular saving. The results produced in this calculator are for illustration purposes only and in no way guarantee the indicated rates of return. Do not rely upon the information provided when using the calculator when making financial decisions, if you are unsure of the implications or benefits of contributing to a retirement plan you should consult a qualified, licensed financial adviser.

Nothing on this page, nor in any other information provided on this web site, should be construed as financial or legal advice. Furthermore, while the calculator has been provided to help you visualise the effects of compounding when saving regularly, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy, applicability, completeness, or suitability for any particular purpose of the information produced herein.

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