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Self-Invested Personal Pensions – SIPPs

These are personal pensions that do exactly as the name decribes, they allow people to determine how their pension pot will be invested.

SIPP clients will usually have their own independent financial adviser (IFA) to help them choose their investments and monitor their performance on an ongoing basis, but this is not a requirement so clients can decide how best to manage their own pension.

We offer a variety of choices when it comes to what type of SIPP you want to utilise, we have multi-participant SIPPs based on a master trust philosophy. These allow unconnected parties to hold an account in a single legal vehicle where they are utilising a single simple investment strategy such as a discretionary managed approach with a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM). If you have more bespoke needs we can provide you with your own dedicated SIPP which allows a greater choice of investment options and for couples we extend this to our Family SIPP allowing two seperate accounts in a single bespoke SIPP.

Whichever SIPP vehicle best suits your needs we can provide it to you, our SIPP range can accomodate the new Pension Freedoms and transfer in your existing pensions into one SIPP without the need to pay the 10% transfer charge all at an attractive cost.

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